Eugene Security Systems – Protecting Local Businesses

Eugene Security SystemsSecurity systems and measures in general are a fundamental part of preventing unnecessary losses for all companies big and small. We can custom tailor a security system to fit your needs with products such as glass shatter sensors, motion detectors, thermal detection devices, and even barometric pressure devices that sense when a dramatic change in air pressure has occurred (like if a thief cut a hole in your ceiling).

These types of systems combined with closed circuit TV monitoring systems can be used to protect you assets and reduce your liability. We can install camera systems link them to the internet and combine your Eugene security systems to dial your phone or e-mail you. Imagine you store calling you and you are able to go online and look at what is going on, or monitoring your employee activity from the comfort of your home office. These and many more ideas are what the professionals at Polaris Electrical, Inc. have to offer. Contact us today for a consultation.