Childproofing/Tamper Resistant Receptacles

Prevent Shocks and Burns

Every year in the United States, more than 2,400 children under the age of 10 are treated in emergency rooms for electrical shock or burns caused by tampering with a wall outlet around the home – that is nearly seven children a day. Nearly one-third of these injuries are the result of small children placing ordinary household objects, such as keys, pins, or paperclips into the outlets with disastrous consequences.

Located in practically every room in every house throughout the United States, electrical outlets and receptacles also represent a constant and real danger wherever young children are found.

But now, new technology called tamper resistant receptacles or TRRs can provide a simple, affordable, reliable, and permanent solution to help prevent these kinds of accidents before they occur.

Tamper-Resistant Receptacles (TRR) feature an internal shutter mechanism to prevent small children from inserting foreign objects into them. These specialized outlets have been so effective in preventing injuries to children that the 2008 National Electrical Code requires that tamper-resistant outlets be installed in all newly constructed homes

Existing homes can be easily retrofitted with tamper resistant receptacles using the same installation guidelines that apply to standard receptacles, but should only be installed by a licensed electrician. Contact us for a consultation and a free estimate.

Statistics courtesy of the Electrical Safety Foundation International