Going Green

Saving Money Going Green

LED Lighting StripsThe design consultants at Polaris Electrical, Inc. have the background and experience necessary to help you get informed about reducing the cost of your electric and heating bill through some simple yet effective measures.

Compact fluorescent and LED lighting are a prime way to save energy and money while reducing your carbon footprint and are now available in recessed lighting.

Occupancy sensors are available to replace wall switches in areas like laundry or bathrooms that only need to be on when occupied, and that means no more chasing the kids around telling them to turn the lights off.

Did you know that installing a winterized ceiling fan could lower your heating bill?

Are you interested in a home energy monitoring system?

We can install a solar powered attic fan to reduce cooling costs in those hot summer months.

These ideas and many more including Photovoltaic Systems or Solar Panels are just some of the concepts that could bring your home into the modern era, where saving energy has become a responsibility for us consumers.  For more ideas and a free Going Green home consultation contact us for a free estimate.